GESIA Platform
  • Carbon
  • Oracle
  • Gesia
  • Voucher
  • Layer 2

GESIA Chain?

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are public blockchains that require a high carbon footprint by design, GESIA Chain has a hybrid architecture to reduce the carbon footprint of the blockchain. GESIA Chain works as a sidechain with lightning protocol to ensure high transaction processing speed and is limitedly anchored on the public blockchain to maintain network compatibility and stability.

Market information for Carbon Offset Credet trading

GESIA Chain provides a fair market value of the carbon offset rights of the virtual assets used in the trading of carbon offset rights.

Tokenization of real electronic assets

GESIA Chain presents a value basis for token issuance of WEB2.0 API real assets by using NFV in the form of a hybrid smart contract.

Consensus Algorithm

Proof Proof of Work Proof of Stake Proof of Authority
Node Mining, Transaction Transaction Validator
Application Geth Parity
Reward Mining Reward Staking Reward Node Validator Reward
Block creation time 10 ~ 20 sec 5 sec 2 sec
Mainly Bitcoin, Ethereum Ethereum2 Private Chain
Property Heavy computational requirements
Low transaction throughput
Node participation in staking High transaction throughput


GESIA Chain issues Voucher by proving it with an oracle and a lottery to tokenize external electronic asset data.

Issuance of institutionalized assets - In order to link assets in the form of WEB2.0 API to the chain, issued assets certified by the institution through a separate WEB3 gateway

Issuance of personalized assets - Issuance in the form of derivatives only as much as the value of Voucher, an asset certified by the institution