A Chain Capable of Tracking and Verifying Carbon Emission,
Offset, and Neutrality Data

It is a chain of climate action that tracks all transactions
in carbon absorption and reduction activities amid climate change.

Climate Action

Sustainable carbon-neutral networks are
key to the climate action ecosystem.

Certifying Carbon
Tracking & Verification

Through carbon emissions, offset, neutral
tracking and verifiable transparency.

Alliance as a Single Entity
for Climate Action Goals

The Alliance must become more flexible and powerful,
like one organism, for the common goal of climate change response activities.

Carbon Emissions, Offsetting, Neutral Three-Tier Merkle

Start a carbon absorption and reduction project with GESIA's carbon chain consisting of Three Tier Merkles.
By providing data on carbon emissions and absorption to GESIA's carbon chain, efficient carbon absorption and reduction projects can be initiated through transparent verification.

Build It

  • Carbon Emission

    Emission Chain

    GESIA's carbon emissions chain collects data through WEB3, utilizes smart contracts to effectively manage emissions, and provides transparency.
    Carbon emission Merkle
  • Carbon Neutral

    Neutral chain

    GESIA's carbon-neutral chain processes emissions and offset data to neutralize carbon, utilizes smart contracts to process related taxes, and maintains transparency in carbon credit transactions.
    Carbon neutral Merkle
  • Carbon Offset

    Offset chain

    GESIA's carbon offset chain is a system that processes and tokenizes offset data to trade, providing verification through notarized providers to support carbon credit generation and trading.
    Carbon offset merkle

Alliance with
GESIA (Platform)

From responding to climate change to climate activities,
the GESIA ecosystem works
with services of various scales to realize true popularization.

  • Certification
    (GESIA Wallet)

    Blockchain technology ensures the integrity and transparency of data, helping to increase confidence in carbon reduction.
  • Donation
    (Carbon Monster APP)

    It supports companies that reduce carbon emissions and strive for a sustainable environment
  • Transaction
    (DEX Trading)

    It enters the global market and provides a variety of investment opportunities for investors interested in protecting the environment.


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