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The GESIA platform seeks to overcome the limitations of the existing non-profit environmental movement by leveraging the new possibilities provided by blockchain.

Green Technology Status

The market for green technology is still at the infant stage but attracting the interest of investors as the issue of natural resources depletion and climate change is escalating. As of 2020, the global green technology market is recording USD 120B with a CAGR of 21.9% and is expected to reach USD 900B by 2030.

New Consumer Group, Millennials

The millennial generation is estimated at 1.8 billion, accounting for the largest share of the generation cohort. While growing up with the digital world and social media, millennials' obsession with the transparency and integrity of society may have formed naturally. One of the distinctive traits of millennials is that they firmly uphold an active appetite for the common good of society. This trait is manifested in how millennials choose their investments: According to CNN Money, the overwhelming majority of Millennials surveyed, 93%, believe that a company's social and environmental impact is key to their investing decisions.

Social Impact Investment

Globally, investors have made it clear that profit is not their only goal, and they want to show that they contribute to society through investment. An asset manager once said that 86% of its clients prefer and choose social impact investments because of global environmental issues. This is a historic opportunity not to be missed. If only 10% of the $269 trillion of wealth owned by institutions and individuals is channeled toward investments that help improve society and the environment, the UN's 'Sustainable Development Goals', including a carbon-neutral future, will be achieved.

Voluntary carbon offset Credits market

As a follow-up to the UN Environment Conference in Glasgow, Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement, officially passed on November 13, 2021, provides the basis for innovation in the private sector's voluntary carbon offset credit market. Section 6.4 (Sustainable Development Mechanism, SDM) also heralds a significant change in how the private sector and the government achieve emissions targets and makes us expect a quantum leap in the voluntary carbon offset credits market.

Carbon Offset

What is a carbon offset?
The roadmap to success

Green Earth Social Impact Alliacne Roadmap

GESIA Platform allows participants to access their services through their wallets, and makes it easier for interested companies to build new services using various Restful APIs in their services.

2022 - 4QBusiness

Establishment of GEC Foundation

Gesia Chain

Carbon offset trading system design

2023 - 1QBusiness

Carbon offset trading pilot project

2023 - 2QBusiness

NFT green activity certificate pilot project

Gesia Chain

Geisa Chain testnet launch

Carbon offset brokerage platform design


Carbonmonster app design

2023 - 3QBusiness

Investment brokerage pilot project

Acquisition of a Canadian virtual asset trading license corporation(Establishment of GesiaPlatform Inc.)

2023 - 4QBusiness


Gesia Chain

Carbon offset brokerage platform construction

Canadian carbon offset DEX exchange design


Carbonmonster App 1.0 launch

2024 - 1QBusiness

Allure Carbon Footprint Erase Campaign Held

Gesia Chain

Canadian carbon offset DEX exchange construction

Gesia merkle chain launch


Carbonmonster App 2.0 launch

2024 - 2QBusiness

Establishment of the GesiaPlatform in Japan


Carbonmonster Japan app open

2024 - 3QBusiness

Establishment of the GesiaPlatform in China

Canadian carbon offset DEX exchange open


Carbonmonster China app open

Canadian carbon offset DEX exchange open


Green Social Wave

A member of the Green Earth Social Impact Alliance platform.

  • The company that will be responsible for the initial development of the GESIA platform and business is Green Social Wave Company Limited(GSW). GSW was first conceptualized by Ellis Ahn, a fashion model, influencer, and millennial herself, with renowned and respected professors who have advised her on the current status of environmental movements of companies and blockchain experts who also share the vision of Ellis. Soon after, many seasoned people in various sectors joined GSW to improve society.
  • Separately, the Green Earth Community Foundation, which consists opinion leaders from academia, politics, related organizations, business, etc., will be established for research and policy development necessary for the growth of this project.


Green technology?

The green technology industry strives to provide more environment-friendly ways and means throughout the life cycle of goods and services. It is not limited to simply switching to alternative energy sources but includes a technology enabling energy consumption reduction by harnessing the energy management system research, agricultural reengineering, material science, hydrogen power, and other related technologies. Moreover, many of these new green technologies are aggressively aiming to restore the earth by recapturing greenhouse gas, reforestation, re-soiling, etc.

Anyone who wishes to participate GESIA Platform may procure the ERC-20 standard token, GET, which will be listed on several virtual asst exchanges and decentralized exchanges for easier access by members. The primary role of this token is to function as a channel to participate in the GESIA ecosystem. This token can be exchanged with third-party stable tokens, which have the same value as fiat currency, required for purchasing carbon offset credits and for external transactions such as green technology investment DAO.

The value of ERC-20-based GET issued is linked to expanding the network value of the entire ecosystem. To foster the growth of this ecosystem's value, GESIA Chain rewards those who have contributed to the ecosystem with various smart contract usage fees and transaction fees. Reward programs will be carefully designed to incentivize more community members to participate.

The company that will be in charge of the initial development of the Green Earth Social Impact platform and business is Green Social Wave.